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 The events of this story take place in a small house, whose family knows the bitterness of alienation, among which there is a sixteen-year-old girl named Amira. Amira was a girl loved by all her friends. She did not experience hostility in her life and lived her adolescence in peace. She saw her friends going through their adolescence. One of them was falling in love for the third time, another was in love with the neighbor's son, and the other was in love with someone who was her father's age, and she never was. convinced of love, and every time her friends spoke to her about their suffering with their loved ones, she laughed!!

Amira lived in the Internet age and was passionate about it. She would sit for hours in front of her camera without getting tired or bored. In fact, his heart was almost breaking when the internet line was disconnected!! She loved wonders and strange sights and scoured the internet looking for them. She loved talking to her friends online and found it more fun than just talking to them on the phone or in person.

One day, Amira was practicing, as usual, her favorite pastime, surfing the Internet from one site to another, and at the same time chatting with her friends from school, when one of them asked her said she would introduce him to a girl she had met. on the Internet. Amira refused to chat with young people on the Internet because she considered it morally and religiously inappropriate and a betrayal of the trust her family placed in her. So she agreed to talk to this girl, because she loved making friends with girls from all over the world. . In fact, I got to know her and found in her a good religious girl, and I trusted her blindly, and she talked to him for hours and hours, more and more admiring of the girl, of his behavior, his good manners and his attitude. wonderful ideas on politics, religion and all the different issues of life.

One day, while talking to him on the Internet, the girl said to him: 

“I will confess something to you, but promise me that you will not hate me,” so Amira immediately said: “How do you pronounce this word ? “hate” when you know how much you care about me? You are in my sister's place. The young girl said to him: “I will tell you the truth; I am a young man of twenty and I didn't want to deceive you, but I admired you a lot and I didn't tell you the truth because I knew you don't talk to young people. Here Amira didn't know what to do. She felt that something had changed inside her, and she felt that her heart was shaken for the first time, but she woke up saying, "How can I love through the Internet?" »And it was I who was completely opposed to this way of loving? She said to him: “I’m sorry, you’re like my brother. » He said to him: “What matters to me is that I love you and that you consider me your brother. This is a matter that only concerns you.

The days passed and both became more attached to each other, until one day Amira fell ill, which kept her in bed for a week. When she recovered, she rushed to the Internet to find her email full of messages, all of them. messages of desire and love. When she spoke to him, he asked her, “Why did you leave me?” » And she told him: “I was sick. » He said to her: “Don't you love me? And there, Amira weakened and said for the first time in her life: “Yes, I love you and I think about you a lot. » The conflict began in Amira's heart and she said, "You have betrayed my family's trust in you. I betrayed the person He raised me to be, and I didn't care how hard he worked for me.

She then decides to write this letter to the young man:

 “God is my witness that I have loved you, and that you are the first love of my life, and that I have never seen anything but good from you. , but I love God more. than any creature, and God has ordained that there should be no relationship between the young man and the girl before marriage, I do not want to disobey the command of my Creator, and I do not want to betray the trust of my family in me, so I decided to write you this last letter, and you may think I don't want you, but I still love you, and as I write these words, my heart breaks with sadness, and may our hope in God be great. , if He wants… “We will be reunited despite the distance. " Amira wrote the letter and sent it to him, and quickly ran away crying in pain and pain, but at the same time she was convinced that what she had done was exactly the right thing.

Years passed, and she became a twenty-year-old princess, and the boy's love still reigned unchallenged in her heart, despite many attempts to penetrate it, but in vain, because she was incapable of loving anyone another one. Amira and her family returned to their native country and there she began her studies at university, where she majored in communications engineering. The university chose a delegation for the communications exhibition, and Amira was one of them. While visiting the exhibition, they stopped at. one of the companies presenting its products. When leaving, Amira left her course book on the table where the company presented its products.

The young man, who was an employee of the company, took the notebook and followed her, but he had lost sight of it, so he decided to keep it so that perhaps its owner would come back and ask him questions. questions. The young man sat down. with the notebook in his hand and the clock was eleven o'clock in the evening, and the exhibition was empty of customers. As he sat, he had the idea to look through the notebook, to find He has a mail name electronic. The young man was surprised and started flipping through the pages to find Amira's name. So he happily flew and started running and jumping throughout the exhibit. The next morning he rushed to the exhibition, hoping that a princess would come and get his notebook, and in fact, a princess came, and when he saw her, he almost fell over with joy, because he didn't expect his heart to beat for a while. girl as beautiful as she was.

So he gave her the notebook while looking at his features, and she was amazed, so she thanked him with her tongue, but deep down she called him clumsy because he didn't take his eyes off her face!! Amira went out and the young man followed her to her house and started asking the neighbors about her and her family. He came the next day with his family to propose to her, and his family found him a suitable groom for their daughter. because he had good morals, was religious and had a good reputation, but Amira rejected him as she had rejected him before him, because his heart only beat once, and his family was disappointed , and they said this to the young man. his princess had rejected him, but he refused to answer, saying: "I will not leave the house until I have spoken to her." » Faced with the young man's desire, the family accepted.

Amira came and sat down and he said to her:

 “Amira, didn’t you know me? » She said to him, “How can I know you? He said to her: “It’s me you refused to speak to so as not to betray your family’s trust in you. Then she passed out from shock and joy, only to wake up and see him standing before her. » then she turned her face towards her father saying: “I agree, father, I agree.


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