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These real estate histories that end with a marriage

 What does love mean to you?

 Is it just an inner feeling that makes you love life in all its details, or is love much bigger than that? Love is security, it is comfort. Love is the feeling that life has finally opened its arms to you. we care about the one we love and share the same feelings towards us, the stories. Love begins with many endings. Of course, the best ending to any love story will be marriage. That's why we are happy to present them to you today via our website. realistic stories, one of the most beautiful realistic love stories that end in marriage, the story of coincidence and marriage of Samer and Farida. We hope you like this story.

The events of this story revolve around a girl and a young man.

 The girl's name is Samira, studying in the second year of secondary school, while the young man called Samer studies in the third year of secondary school. As the school year approached, all the students went to review their lessons to make sure they got the best grades. Each group was The students gathered at someone's home so that a teacher would explain the lessons to them.

That day, Samer was heading to his friend Rami's house. Before Samer entered Rami's apartment, which was located on the third floor, he saw a girl coming out of the apartment opposite his friend's. The girl was very beautiful, but Samer did it. not utter a word, especially since he was standing in front of the door to his friend's apartment. In fact, Samer felt somewhat impressed by this girl, but he decided to focus only on his studies in order to enroll in one of the best colleges.

The situation continued as it was until the exams were over and Samer was able to join the College of Computing and Information. Luckily for Samer, his close friend Rami was enrolled in the same college, either to study with him or for. pass him in the morning to go to university. One day, Samer came to see Rami. Rami woke up a little late, so Samer had to wait outside the house.

Suddenly this girl (Farida) appeared in front of Samer. Farida said:

 Hello, Samer replied and said: Hello, how are you? Farida said: I'm fine. Are you waiting for Rami? Samer said: Yes Farida said: Are you studying at the College of Computer Science? Samer said: Yes. Farida said: Actually, I really want to join this college. Samer said: You just have to work hard in your studies and you will be able to achieve what you aspire to.

The conversation ended and Farida excused herself to leave. Samer's heart started beating again. The days passed quickly and Farida was able to enroll in the same college as Rami and Samer. In fact, the three started going together, and since then, Samer's. the attachment to Farida grew, but he didn't say anything to her. One day... The next few days, as usual, Samer went to see Rami so they could all go to college, but that day Rami was sick and didn't go. .

Farida was obliged to accompany Samer, especially since the college is a little far away, and that day there are classes until the evening, and Farida cannot return alone. In fact, it was the most beautiful coincidence that happened in Samer's life. He felt that love had finally begun to beat in his heart, speaking a name with each beat. Farida, at the end of the day, before Farida returned home, Samer said: Today Farida heard these words and felt ashamed. .

It seems that Farida has also become infatuated with Samer. After the school year ended, Rami met another girl at college. Rami went with this girl and came back with her, while Samer started coming and going with Farida. are not at the same stage, their dates are. The conferences were very close. The friendship between Samer and Farida turned into love. It turned out when the promised day arrived.

That day, Samer decided to confess his love to Farida. 

In fact, Farida also loved Samer, and that was very clear. Two years later, Samer graduated from college and decided to propose to Farida. Of course, this engagement was approved. Rami told his neighbor Farida's family that Samer was a moral young man. It was the best feeling in the world when Samer and Farida got engaged. Samer felt that his dream would come true by getting engaged to and marrying Farida.

Farida was in her final year of university and Samer joined one of the city's best-known companies. The engagement period was very good for Samer and Farida graduated from college and Samer got a promotion in a year because. he was diligent in his work. Samer and Farida got married to finally make their long-awaited dream come true, so Samer knew he felt love for Farida from the first moment he saw her when he was with his friend Rami.


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