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Une véritable histoire d'amour

 Relationships that involve love have been widespread since ancient times. Man knew them thanks to an instinct that God placed in his servants. This instinct was the main reason why humans were able to communicate with each other through relationships governed by one or the other love. , affection, desire, desire or even friendship. In all this... Feelings: We find love to be a comforting friend who defends us in times of distress and helps us in times of affliction.

Arabs have known love since time immemorial, so I am not lying when I say that love began with the beginning of humanity, and it is a way that makes the lover see life as more beautiful, so that we can see what is around us. who appears to lovers to be kinder and better. It is no wonder that when we love, we feel the beauty of the flaws around us, so we do not see the evil, but rather the beautiful (the eye). contentment), and in most cases, social relationships built on the basis of a strong relationship are better than relationships that develop in the dark, because they are really unclear, useless and can seriously harm their owner , and our discussion will do that. revolve around stories of love and adoration known to humans, the most important of which are:

The love story of Qais bin Al-Malouh:

This is one of the most famous stories that Arabs have experienced and that history has known. Ibn al-Malouh loved Laila and always cried over her ruins. Ibn al-Malouh could live on Laila's love, and he walked in the desert singing. her name and flirting with her love and beauty. His cousin loved him since childhood. But he mentioned her virtues and charms, but her family refused to let her marry them, so he watched her face suffer and cry for Laila's sake. that he had lost, and he died without marrying Laila, and Laila married another man, even though she admired him and was attracted to him in her heart.

Qais, who stood up to his uncle, failed to convince the tribe of the importance and extent of his love for Laila. His uncle was not convinced and ordered him exiled from the tribe, only to find him dead in one. the valleys alone.

The love story of Antar and Abla:

We have heard about Antar and Abla's love story since childhood. However, Antar did not marry Abla, because she was a lady among her people and he was a black Ethiopian slave who tried every means to convince his family to marry. , but his attempts failed, and he strove to fight all those who came near his beloved, and he fought all those who tried to woo her, whether near her or far away.


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